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Eating Disorders in Sport – Toolkit and Education for Coaches


WHO IS THIS FOR? Coaches (any sport) and support staff for athletes ages 10+.

WHO LEADS IT? Sloane Green is a former club and collegiate volleyball player, eating disorder survivor, Master’s student, and Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee.

WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE? This event provides coaches and athletic staff with:

  • Education and facts about eating disorders
  • How sports and eating disorders may intertwine
  • How to identify and warning signs about eating disorders
  • What to say/not to say to an athlete you think may be struggling
  • Understanding the broader context of diet culture and pressures on young athletes
  • Resources to guide athletes and their parents (you’re not expected to do it all for them!)
  • How coaches can influence an athlete’s experience – and suggestions for eating disorders and other mental health challenges
  • Conversations around real-life experiences

This event will provide attendees with increased awareness and education on eating disorders in athletes – what they are, warning signs, and how to help your athletes. Plus, an open forum for discussion, facilitated by Sloane Green based on her personal and professional experiences.

HOW TO REGISTER: Please email Sloane at if you’d like to schedule a presentation, have questions, or would like her to travel to you.

Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching

1-on-1 with Sloane Green

WHO IS THIS FOR? Athletes and individuals who are motivated to recover from an eating disorder, challenge maladaptive behaviors and thinking, and live more authentically.


  • Goal-oriented
  • Tackles issues unique to each individual, such as athletic and personal identity, relationship with the eating disorder, body image issues
  • Separating disordered voice vs. strong personal voice
  • Identifying personal stuck points in recovery
  • Can be in addition to working with other support professionals
  • Offered nationwide (U.S.), all genders and sports

HOW TO CONNECT: Please contact Sloane at if you’d like to discuss coaching.